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Organic Titanate

  • ORGATIX TC-100, TC-401

  • ORGATIX water soluble lineup

    Crosslinking agent for polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)

  • Application of ORGATIX as Catalyst

    Use as catalysts for esterification, urethane formation and silicone curing

  • Application of ORGATIX as Silicone Curing Catalysts

  • Application of ORGATIX as Urethane Formation Catalysts

Functional Coating

  • ORGATIX PC-640

    Use as primer for addition curing silicone

  • High refractive index coating agent lineups

    ORGATIX TC-130, PC-200

  • Anchor Coating Agent ORGATIX WS-700

  • Anchor Coating Agent ORGATIX WS-800

Impregnation Resin

  • VISTEX V-4000

    Acrylic impregnation resin for cut cores


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